Caroline Zucker

School Board Member

President Florida School Boards Association

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Gene & Betty Witt

Gene is a retired Superintendent Manatee County Schools & four time interim Superintendent Sarasota County Schools.*

Janice Mee

Former School Board member and community leader. "Caroline will be a hard working board member who does her homework and studies an issue before making a decision. Her previous experience and knowledge of the school district and this community are valuable assets for voters to consider."*

 Fred Derr

Community Leader.

"Based on your past experience on the School Board, I know that you will be an asset to the school district.



Gene & Lorraine Matthews - Community Leaders in North Port

"Caroline was an effective School Board Member from 1992 - 2000. She was extremely instrumental in obtaining the North Port High School."


Ron Carr - President of PALS & retired Riverview High School teacher

"I believe that in these difficult financial times we need someone with proven leadership and experience representing us on the School Board."


Jim Bennett - Venice City Councilman

"There are few with Caroline's vision and a sense of how kids learn.  It is imperative that we retain her on the Board of Education to defend it from those who would seek just savings and ignore learning."


Mary Jo Mundy - Teacher, 20 years in Sarasota County Schools

"Caroline Zucker is an experienced School Board member with 17+ years of consistent commitment to Sarasota County Schools. She has invested her time as an advocate for students and teachers. She supports curriculum and policy that respect the diversity of students in regards to their learning and well-being. She has always encouraged the arts programs, small learning communities, and diversity education. She votes always for what is best for our students, teachers, schools and community. Having an experienced member on our school board, during the transition we will be making with a new superintendent is paramount in continuing the high standards of achievement our students and parents expect in Sarasota County Schools.


As an employee and parent of a student who has benefited from a K-12 Sarasota County public education, I hope we continue our path of excellence and feel confident Caroline Zucker has this same goal."


Karen Johns - ARTS4U2

"Caroline has the knowledge and experience necessary to lead this large, complex school district.  She has demonstrated that we can depend on her to think through issues and find solutions that will ensure quality instruction for our children.  Her continued support for a complete education is especially significant in this arts-smart area of the country."


Murray & Alice Blueglass - Community Leaders

"We believe that Caroline Zucker continues to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of children.  We believe that she should be re-elected to continue her exceptional service to the children of Sarasota County Schools, as a member of the School Board.  We believe that Caroline Zucker is a winner!   Vote for her on August 30th!"


Louise Boothby

"Yes! To vote for Caroline Zucker because she understands what our kids and their families need from the educational system."


Mary Kay & Joe Henson

Please accept this contribution to your campaign for reelection.  "We hope you will prevail as we need seasoned, knowledgeable people guiding our school system and you fit that bill."


Denise & Roberto Mei

"You are the BEST!!!"


John Sprague

"After 40 years in education the most important thing that has to run through great teachers, principals and coaches is a true love for the success of their student and players. I've been around good and bad teachers, coaches and administrators. I have never worked on a daily basis but have heard her speak and seen how dedicated to our children. I support Caroline Zucker because she passes the love test. I hope my face book friends that don't know her will have faith that I do. Great lady!"


Curt Lavarello

"As many of my friends, family and colleagues know, I have been involved in School Safety for over 25 years, and can say that Ms. Zucker truly has the best interest of our children in mind 24/7. I'm most impressed with the fact that when you e-mail, call or write her, her response is among the fastest I have seen, and in today's political world, that is a trait I admire. When it comes to keeping children safe, Ms. Zucker has always been 100% behind doing what’s right. She has also been VERY supportive of our local School Resource Officers. I strongly encourage my friends, family and colleagues here in Sarasota to support her campaign in any way possible."


Cathi Clark Bell - Parent

"I will cast my vote for Caroline Zucker. Yes, it is a non-partisan position and Caroline has the 17 years proven record on the School Board to show she should remain. These dark money candidates scare me. My son has graduated public school but I care for the future of all students. If you won't be in town, get an absentee ballot now and support Caroline Zucker for our kids!"


Tracy Damron-Roelle - Parent

"She doesn't take money from developers, she supports public education, our teachers and our students. Now, to empower our school board to stop being afraid of the powers that be, and stand up for our kids and teachers on a level unlike Tallahassee has ever seen. Thanks, Caroline for being the voice of reason when it comes to privatizing public education."

Shirley & Jim Ritchey

Nancy & Russ Bobbitt

Laura & Dan DeLeo

Paula & Mike Ippolito

Lisa & Jason Swift

Janey & Jon Swift

Katie & Peter Hayes

Nancy & Dan Bailey

Karen Rushing

Dave Dignam

Sam Holladay

Wendy & Tom Hopkins

Liza & Phil Leonard

Michael Zucker

Tom Cerra

Wendy Kulscar

Judy Cuppy

Beverly Koski

Suzanne Atwell

Mollie Cardamone

Steve & Pat Largo

Sue Keating

Norman Worthington

Kevin Hicks

David Shapiro

Bill Little

Sally & Jay Steele

Michael Shelton

Sally & Jay Steele

Bonnie & Walter Risse

Karen Johnson

Jeffrey Steinwacus

Pam Truitt

Diana Lager

Mike Bryant

Rick Fawley*

Fred Strammer

Lee Byron

Jane Goodwin

Cindy & Jeff Kaiser

Suzanne Atwell

Willie Shaw

Cathy Layton

Annette & Tom Dignam

Ivonete Stevens

Sherry & Tom Koski

Ping & Fritz Faulhaber

Marjorie & Tom Peter

Bob Richardson

Nancy Roucher

John Chapman

Melissa & Pete DeLisser

Agata Gobic

David Sessions

Marjorie Tick,

Elmer & Ruth Berkel

John Cavanaugh

Shirley Fein

Doug Sutter

Michael Baltzer

Robert O'Neill

Karen & Gary Bolinder

Cliff Menezes

Alix & Mark Morin

 Ken Tracey

Nora & John Patterson

Judi Patton

Dorothy & Don Stuart

Carlotta & Dick Cooley

Valerie Dorr

John McIntyre

Terri & Fred Derr

Margie & Mike Cohen

Bill & Wilma Hamilton Delp

Dave Farley

Michael & Wendy Katz

John LaCivita

David Sessions

Ken Dean

Nancy Blackstone

Michelle Hazeltine

Warren Coville

Frederick Strammer, Jr.

Gina Taylor

Aurelie & Mark Vandenbroek

Kathleen Castellano

Keith Farlow

Stephen & Jeff Boone

Kathleen & Ken Kleinlein

Nancy Blackstone

Shannon Staub

Mark Porter

Susan Scott

Cathi & Mike Bell

Michelle Frau

Retsy Lauer & Martin Gilbert

Brian Aliotta

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* of beloved memory


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Caroline Zucker

5824 Bee Ridge Road, # 286

Sarasota, 34233-5065






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Find Caroline on Facebook Find Caroline on Linkedin

Find Caroline on Facebook Find Caroline on Linkedin
Logo for Caroline Zucker. Working together with Parents Schools Government and the Community

Find Caroline on Facebook Find Caroline on Linkedin

Caroline Zucker


Find Caroline on Facebook Find Caroline on Linkedin

Find Caroline on Facebook Find Caroline on Linkedin

Caroline Zucker

Find Caroline on Facebook Find Caroline on Linkedin